Today’s article Why buy a desktop computer? In the modern era, laptops have lagged behind the desktop for most of us. A slim, light laptop can be used for sitting anywhere and folds can be carried anywhere in the bag.

However, there are some reasons why you may be more inclined to buy a heavy desktop computer than a laptop. In fact, the decision is not as easy as it seems, because our computing habits and technology evolve over a short period of time.

Today, we will discuss some features that will help you to consider better when buying your next personal computer or PC. This is not a thorough list, but will help you better understand the differences between laptops and desktops and make smart decisions. Let’s get the started main discussion of Why buy a desktop computer?


Distinguishing feature


Behind every computer is a compromise between portability and performance – you may notice that the larger the laptop or the desktop, the more specific its internal specifications are. Laptop is best for you if you want to keep your PC and work with you at all times.

A desktop computer is not exactly a move-in, but you can take parts of it separately or take the entire CPU somewhere. But if affordability is your main demand then you should buy a laptop. Desktop has better internet speed, higher configuration and better online cloud or drive access. This does not require you to sit alone in the office after the office hours are finished to complete your heavy tasks, but that work can be done comfortably at home and at your desktop.


buy a desktop computer

Power and Price

It is quite natural that a PC with more power and better configuration means that you have to buy a larger device with a lot of space inside. Not only the parts that are larger, it is important to have extra space around them to prevent overheating. As soon as a laptop starts performing at the desktop-level, it begins to consume the lag and emit a lot of noise and heat. Therefore, if your task requires maximum power and performance then a desktop PC is best for you.

Also in the same price range, a desktop will lag behind any laptop in the specification list, whether it be processors, memory, local storage space, or graphics power, expansion ports, etc. Parts of laptops with the same best performance cost a lot more, because the components are much smaller and their production costs are much higher. Although not everyone needs a lot of power computers, gamers and video editors often use such sophisticated and professional computers.


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Screen size

Laptops are undoubtedly designed to be easy to carry, so they try to keep everything as small as possible. It can be seen that where the screen size range of the desktop starts, their screen size ranges come to a halt. Most laptops have a 11″ to 15″ display, though laptops are available in the market for a 21-inch screen, for those who can’t work without the big screen. Laptops are also very large in this case, and of course they are quite difficult to carry.

On the other hand, the size of a desktop monitor is usually 17  inches or more. There are also all-in-one desktop PCs in the market, with the entire CPU, sound system and monitor being built as one device. These PCs are great to look at, as they save a lot of space in the vicinity. If you need to work side by side between 2 different applications or 2 windows of the same application, or want to enjoy a great Four-Blu-ray movie at home, then a good-sized desktop monitor is certainly much different than a small monitor laptop.

Opportunities for change

Another great difference between a laptop and a desktop computer is the convenience of setting up different types of configurations. A desktop computer has a good chance of combining different types of parts, such as memory, processor, motherboard, etc. You can create a PC of your own configuration from scratch – countless combinations possible! In this case you have to acquire a certain amount of technical education. Yet it is easier to create a laptop configuration because the scope is limited, while most parts of a lightweight laptop are non-removable.

For a space and heating problem, a laptop is very much like a compact system – every tiny space is important – so there is no chance of eliminating the stuff inside. Also, upgrading and repairing laptops for the same reason can be quite difficult. Most people may not be able to handle configuration shortages or repair difficulties, but as a smart buyer it is important to consider this issue before making your decision.

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Impact on health

Finally, one of the most important things is posture or posture. It may not be as important to many or many may not even think it is, but experts say that when using a personal computer, its screen should be at the eye level or i-level. This is not really possible when using a laptop, most people sit and use their laptop and their neck and back abnormally.

We are not saying that you cannot sit in a healthy position by elevating your laptop with anything. But after sitting in this position for small laptops, there may be discomfort or pain in the hands and hands of the constipation. On the other hand, when using a desktop computer, the body can sit upright, as it consists of monitors and input devices, such as keyboards, mice, etc., and can be positioned arbitrarily. So if you are confused about the decision to buy a desktop, then this important fact will definitely help you make your decision.


There are other good reasons for using desktop

Each part can be upgraded separately, which is more affordable than a laptop
Whenever you think about updating your laptop, either buy a lot of things at once or buy a brand new laptop, which is like a big push on your pocket. Because most parts of a laptop are intimately linked to one another and to make one change, it is necessary to change the other. But in most cases, there may be only a slight problem with the processor or the need to increase the RAM, although the rest of the things are good, they have to spend extra money and change.

If you have a little technical knowledge in a desktop, you can easily switch to an old or inconspicuous processor (and /or motherboard) laptop that costs less money. Although upgrading to an all-in-one desktop such as the iMac itself is a bit tricky. 

Desktops and laptops of the same specification are sometimes equivalent, depending entirely on the brand. The main difference between the two specifications is the processor and graphics.

Laptops use a small and portable version of any processor that is not as powerful as a full-size desktop processor. It is very important to keep this in mind for those who need high-powered PCs.

Desktop is best for hardcore gamers

Gaming laptops are quite attractive and great, but most of them are not as carryable as they are much heavier and larger in size. The great thing is that these laptops can’t perform as well as a full size gaming desktop.

For gamers who value performance more than affordability, there is nothing more than a desktop equivalent. And the same configuration costs much less on a gaming desktop as compared to a gaming laptop.

A laptop can be used even if you have a desktop, but it is not too expensive!
If you have a good desktop as your main workstation, you can buy a cheap laptop or tablet PC if you want a light or portable job. So you can buy a desktop computer.


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The conclusion
So whenever you are thinking of buying a new PC for your home or workplace, consider these factors well. Find reviews of your favorite model online and browse through various online marketplaces like to understand the price difference and get everything at a reasonable price. All kinds of computers, laptops and tablet PCs available in the market are available at affordable prices and attractive offers. Visit today and bring your new personal computer home.

Why buy a desktop computer article end here.

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