What is VoLTE? What are the benefits? All of you are familiar with the term LTE in this era of forgery. Forge has a special attachment to LTE or Long Term Evolution. Forgery is providing fourth generation mobile network services to various operators all over the world including Bangladesh using LTE technology. Another term associated with 3G LTE is VoLTE, which is written in English as VoLTE, which is also pronounced by many as VoLTE.

For some time, the mobile operator of Bangladesh Robi has been advertising that they are going to bring VoLTE services first in Bangladesh. Like many others, you may have wondered about this thing.

VOLTE is a complement to “Voice over Long Term Evolution” or “Voice over LTE”. Understanding the name makes it possible to use a fourth-generation LTE network to make voice calls. Naturally ordinary forgeries can transfer voice over LTE network data but not voice calls.

In that case, VoLTE technology is needed to make voice calls with the Forgotten LTE. But our country has not yet launched the ballot.

Now surely the question has arisen in many people, if VoLTE technology is not yet in the country, how can I make a voice call with our forgery SIM and mobile for so long? One thing you might be surprised to hear is that even though we currently make voice calls to someone with our Forzee mobile and SIM, our call is not transferred through the Forgee band.

In fact, even when we are on the Forgee network, dialing someone to make a call, our phone leaves the automatic forgery and goes to 3G. Because, as I said before, ordinary LTE networks can only transfer data.

Let’s teach you a fun way to verify the truth of this interesting event. Call someone while in the Forgee network. Now, while in the call, look at the notification bar of your phone, for example, the 3G icon or H + icon is now showing. There is another test to the fact that Forgee Network is unable to make voice calls except the Volt.

Turn on Network Mode “Forge Only” from your phone’s settings. Try calling someone now. Can’t. Because in this case the phone is not able to go to 3G network from 3G network. On the other hand, he couldn’t even make a voice call with Forgey.

Advantages of Volt Technology

If you heard the above limitation of voice calling in the LTE network, the volume would come and remove that limitation. Already, volt service is available in various countries of the world including India.

The biggest advantage of the voice is that you get HD quality sound when the two voices are connected to each other in a voice call. No technical noise or signal loss. This is because in voice technology, voice calls are transmitted through LTE’s band.

Another advantage of this is that you can use mobile data even when you have a voice call, which is currently not possible for 3G or voiceless network networks. Apart from this, there is no need to switch the network mode when making calls like 3G, so the battery charge of the phone will be a bit saved. In addition, the call will be faster.

How do you get the benefit of volt?

The ballot has not been launched in Bangladesh yet. The government has already allowed the operators to turn on the voltage. It is expected that all operators will come to this service soon. As with ordinary forgeries, the convenience of the Volt depends on your device. Almost all popular brand’s Forget supported phones simultaneously support and support the Volt.

Looking into your phone’s call settings, you will get the option to turn on the voice. If not, you can contact your smartphone’s Customer Care. It is expected that all the current forgeries will support the SIMI. If so, then no more SIM changes will be needed.

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