What is shared hosting? Need of web hosting to present a web site to everyone. Web hosting is a technology where web sites are kept.

Shared hosting is a very popular hostings service. This is a web hosting service, where multiple web sites are hosted with a single server. And a server (Processor, RAM, storage, CPU and bandwidth) – everything is shared among other users.

Unlimited Web Hosting
The special advantage of shared hostings is that it has the responsibility to solve all the security and problems on the hosting providers, even depending on the packages and features offered by the hosting provider, customers are required to buy the service. Such as:

Free cPanel
Free SSL
1.5% uptime
Disk space

Below are some of the advantages of shared hosting:

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

Savings: Shared hostings is a great way to create low cost websites for business. Shared hostings is very affordable because the cost of web hostings can be shared with other websites on the server and hosted on a lot of web sites, providers can offer hostings at very low prices. Among the paid hostings, it is quite popular for traders, because of having the advantage of the lowest cost of shared hostings.


Shared hosting can be used very easily and does not require any experience. It can be hosted on any type of web site. Best of all, it is best to host small sites, such as sites that typically come in at 25,000 monthly visits. In addition, shared hostings providers provide its users with a control panel that allows them to easily manage the activities of the web site.

Server Maintenance:

Shared Hostings – Users do not have to face any issues related to server maintenance; Customers get some technical support from hosting providers.


Limited resources:

Large web sites where many visitors come in and have many products or services, the stupid sort of their shared-hostings is selected.


Most companies offer shared-hosting because of low prices and customer demand but never specify their limits. For most of these cases, the site is down after a few days. Besides, if there is more traffic or loads on the web site, other web sites will be affected by this, as a result the visitors will not be able to enter the downtown website. Because of this, many visitors have to lose.


Certain components in shared-hostings are shared among many hosting users, which can not be tracked by any type of hosting site. Result – These can easily be infected by malware and viruses. 


For this you have to choose a good quality web hosting service provider to get good quality service and if you face various problems, they will keep your site secure through proper management.


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