Artificial Intelligence is considered a breakthrough in the present era. But how much do we know about this artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

There are many examples around us around Artificial Intelligence. Let’s start with a simple example. We all have a spam box in our mail account. The system can detect this spam mail by any one method and submit it to the Spam folder. But how does this happen?
In addition, when you watch a video on YouTube, the video is relayed to many more related videos. So your browser understands how this matters? In fact, all this is a game of AI. Behind this is the contribution of Artificial Intelligence.
So in such a situation we need to know about AI. Today’s article contains details on Artificial Intelligence such as what it is, how it works, how it came about, why it is needed and detailed. So without saying too much, I went to the main discussion.

Whatever is going on
  • What does Artificial Intelligence mean?
  • History of Artificial Intelligence
  • What is the essence of Artificial Intelligence?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


What does Artificial Intelligence mean?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science, in which computers try to emulate the intelligence and thinking power of humans. Artificial intelligence is an attempt to make the machine as intelligent as human. Simply put, the use of computer science is to replace human intelligence skills, decision-making, problem-solving problems, anger, laughter and crying among various emotive devices so that the machine can sense its environment and make the right decisions.

History of Artificial Intelligence

Although we have not been familiar with AI for a long time, the story behind it is but not too short. The interesting thing is that long before the invention of the computer, the machine was being researched on how to give people the ability to think like humans. Artificial beings capable of thinking originally emerged as storytellers. The idea of ​​trying to make an instrument in ancient Greece is probably Ramon Lol (1300 AD). After World War II, a great deal of research on Artificial Intelligence(AI) was started, when English mathematician Alan Turing gave his first talk about AI in 1947.


His point was that if a machine can think and act like a human, then it should be called intelligent! In fact, from this time, scientists started researching Artificial Intelligence in different ways. After the invention of the magical name of computer, it has become much faster. But it must be remembered that the journey began from that Greek time. Although artificial intelligence has been used since ancient times, it has been widely practiced for the last two to three years.

What is the essence of Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

People do not learn anything at birth. After coming to earth, they learn from various objects, social and social life. Apart from this, he has been provided education in an institutional way. Much is done in the field of machine intelligence in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The machine is taught various things so that he can become artificially or artificially intelligent. These are used for programs or algorithms. The machine can take information from the environment through its various sensors and respond in proportion to the way it is programmed in its response. And this is AI.

A scientist named Elon Mask is working with Neural Link to transfer human intelligence directly into the machine. However, the machine has not yet acquired the ability to learn on its own, so it is necessary to teach it. But it will not be too late in a day when the machine itself can learn.
Artificial intelligence is not a single subject, but is a combination of many complex subjects. Among these are machine learning and another subset is deep learning. To understand AI better, it is necessary to understand its subsets or the factors on which this Artificial Intelligence(AI) works.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning basically means finding a small amount of meaningful or targeted information from a lot of data or information, and accordingly the program decides early on what to do next. You will benefit from the example. Such as spam email detection systems. The system is programmed in some way through a word or pattern that is common in spam mail. That is, it will be in all mails or most spam mails. The mail box looks for any mail that actually matches the system with its pre-programmed pattern. If it matches any word used in the program to detect the spam or the pattern was planned, then the system automatically sends it to the spam folder. This is mixing learning. Here the machine can read all the mail itself, which is possible through the program.


What is Deep Learning?

Simply put, deep learning can be called a part or subset of deep learning. Deep learning is usually used to teach the system something. The use of deep learning is for the machine to understand various problems and to take appropriate steps for it. And a lot of the information used to enter a system is a neural network. It is through this neural network that AI can understand new problems and take necessary steps.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

One statistic shows that investment in AI has increased by 300% in 2016.

Big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft are conducting extensive research in this sector. The main reason behind this is to get out of the human-based lifestyle. People can often make wrong decisions for various reasons, but when the machine uses AI, its rate is much lower. Besides, the machine can do its job very well through the machine, where the efficiency reaches about 90% of the turtle. Moreover, it is becoming an opportunity to enter into the social life of the machine so that using this AI will lead to our social life. As people talk and respond to this, Robert has really become the object of AI these days.


Hopefully by now, AI has gained a clear understanding of this. Yet at the end one would like to say one word in one sentence, AI is a system in which people try to replace knowledge, intelligence, thinking, consciousness between machines. Stay with technology and love technology. Artificial Intelligence article end here.

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