Top 10 things to consider when buying a laptop. When someone asks which laptop is best, it is often heard that there is no clear answer to this question. There are different types of laptops in the market now that are completely different from one another in price and configuration. In this post we will talk about basically buying a Windows laptop. Looking to buy Apple MacBook someday. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a Windows laptop:

Let’s get started Top 10 things to consider when buying a laptop.

1. Size:
The main thing when buying a laptop is if you carry it, then buying a notebook is appropriate. The weight of the notebook needs to be taken into account when buying a notebook. It is best to buy any laptop that is marked as Ultra book because it is as light as light. Typically, laptops have screen sizes ranging from 12.5-13.3, with a weight of between 1 and 1.5 kg.

However, you won’t get an Ultra book at the middle price. The laptop may be a standard sized notebook with a 15.6 inch screen.

2. Screen quality:

Since you always have to look at the laptop screen, you should buy a laptop so that the screen fits with you. One of the more important things about the screen is the laptop’s purchase, given its resolution. In this case, a screen of 1920×1080 pixels is considered ideal for all functions. And you should definitely look at the laptop once while buying. If the screen doesn’t reflect the light, it will be good to run anywhere.


 things to consider when buying a laptop


3. Keyboard:

The buyer should buy a laptop containing the keyboard, which type of keyboard they are comfortable with. When buying, you should check to see if the keyboard has a back lit. Laptop buttons can be seen in the dark even if there is a back lit. Medium-priced laptops also have lights on the keyboard nowadays.

4. CPU and Graphics:

Now there are more CPU / processors of Intel’s Core i Series in the market because they can perform different tasks at the same time. In general, it is best to buy laptops containing Core i7 CPUs as they provide a good service for frequent use. If you are in the middle of a budget, you can take a laptop from a Core i3 or Core i5 processor.

And in the case of graphics, if you don’t usually do video editing, do 3D graphics, and don’t play heavy games, then a laptop with a separate graphics card will still work for you. And if you work in graphics and play high-end games, then you need a graphics chip.

In this case, you can get a laptop with Nvidia GTX 1050 starting at 1080 (high-priced) or a more modern graphics card, if not within a reasonable budget. That’s why you can watch Asus’ gaming laptop Rog Strix Scar Edition

5. RAM:

You must buy 4 GB or more RAM laptop if you want your laptop to run smoothly and smoothly.

6. Hard drive:

Laptop hard drive should be purchased with a view so as not to suffer from lack of space to store the necessary information later. 750 GB hard disk space is not bad, what to say? The conventional hard disk slows down over time. If you can increase the budget a bit, you can get SSD storage instead of a hard disk. 


things to consider when buying a laptop

7. Battery:

Laptop battery should be purchased according to the rating given on the battery. Batteries that have 44Wh or 50Wh in them can save up to a long time. Currently battery technology has been developed. Check the laptop’s official document and make sure its battery backup time. It can be different depending on your needs. However, it is good to have a backup of 6 to 8 hours

8. Wireless connection and Bluetooth
Given the power of the Wi-Fi adapter, you need to buy a laptop so that you can run wireless networks seamlessly. All of the dual band adapters available are of good quality. Bluetooth 4.0 is now reliable in the market for Bluetooth.

9. Full size SD card port:
Laptops often require an SD card. For this, it should be checked whether the SD card slot with the laptop.

10. USB 3.0:
USB3 port can transfer data faster than USB2. For this reason, you should check whether the laptop ports are USB 3. However, most laptops currently have USB2 and USB3 ports.

If all these things match the budget, then the most convenient laptop should be purchased. However, the budget may not always match. The buyer may have to make a discount on any of these issues.

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