Information on Netflix:

Netflix is ​​now the world’s largest on-demand video streaming service. Almost all kinds of Movies & TV shows will be available on Netflix. The programs they produce are also trendy on the Netflix platform. These are called Netflix Originals. What Netflix might not know is unknown to many. However, after learning a lot of unknown information about Netflix, you might be surprised. So let’s find out some amazing information about Netflix.


The name of Netflix but not Netflix:

Netflix Co-founder Mark Randolph said Netflix was not named Netflix in the first place. Their company name was “Kibble”. In the beginning, they rented DVDs. Netflix became popular after the company launched a video streaming service.


Blockbuster didn’t buy Netflix even though it was cheap:

Netflix Co-founder Reed Hastings urged Blockbuster to buy Netflix for $5 million in DVD and video rental services. But to Blockbuster, that didn’t seem like a possibility. Of course, Netflix wasn’t even that dense. They were only trading DVD rental services at that time. Now the situation on the blockbuster is not very good, and the world of Netflix is ​​shaking.

information on Netflix


15% of the world’s Internet traffic comes from Netflix:

While Facebook or Google have a lot of subscribers, Netflix uses a lot of bandwidth to become a streaming video service. Netflix accounts for 15% of the Internet bandwidth used per second in the world.


Subscribers to Netflix 158+ million:

As of the first quarter of 2019, Netflix’s subscribers worldwide are more than 158 million. Of them, the number of customers in the US alone is 61.97 million. People from over 190 countries in the world receive Netflix service.


Netflix has 76000 subcategories:

Usually the movie or TV series is categorized by some people according to type. But Netflix is ​​one step ahead. They divided their programs into 5 people. They are called micro-categories.


Netflix also has salaried staff sitting on the program all day:

Many of us are sitting in bed all day watching a movie or series. Netflix is ​​paying people to watch their shows all day. Of course, their work is not so easy. Besides viewing, they have to be categorized according to the categories by tagging them with the appropriate metadata. In many cases the names of other artisans along with the director of the picture have to be found out and added.

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