Today’s topic, Redmi note 5 ai review. Xiaomi, the Chinese Apple brand, has always been popular with its users for its notable features on smartphones. Especially in Asia, the popularity of Xiaomi smartphones is increasing. Seeing a description of the Redmi Note 5 (also known as the Redmi 5 Plus in space) intrigued my phone. And since I had decided to replace my old smartphone with a new one, the Redmi Note 5 was at the top of the list.


REDMI NOTE 5           Redmi note 5 ai review  

Best deal

Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Price: $198.99 



Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 or Redmi 5 Plus



• 18:9 inch screen with 5 inch screen. Extra space around the display is very low.

• Screen resolution is 1860 x 2160 pixels. 403 PPI pixel density. Gorilla Glass Protection.

• Android 7.1.2 Nougat based MIUI 3 operating system.

• Snapdragon 625 processor.

32GB storage with 3GB RAM, 64 GB storage with 4 GB RAM.

• 12 megapixel back camera, LED flash.

• 5 megapixel front camera.

Dual SIM, second SIM memory card slot (up to 128 GB).

• 4G, fingerprint scanner.

• 4000 mAh battery.

• Color Variation: Black, Gold, Light Blue, Rose Gold.

After using the phone for a month, here is my experience. Lets start with the main topic of Redmi note 5 ai review


The extra space around the display of the 18:9 ratio of the 5.9 inch screen is very minimal, which I like. The phone comes with a premium fill.

The display has a slight bend and a 18:9 ratio, so watching YouTube videos can be a problem. The rest of the video, however, goes black. You can also optimize the video’s ratios with a little zoom. However, some parts of the video may be cut off.

For apps that don’t have a 18:9 ratio, Xiaomi has been able to optimize well with their ROM. Still, some parts of the display above and below those that could not be optimized come out black. I didn’t think of any of these problems.

I also do a little study on mobile phones. I mean, PDF is the biggest reliance on my appetite for reading. So the large display and its reading mood have caused me to feel relaxed again and again.

How to turn on Reading Mood:

Go to the phone’s settings panel, then display, then turn on the reading mode. It turns off the blue light emitting of the display, which helps many to look at the continuous display with ease.


Camera quality averages. The picture of the night is not so good. However, with Expert hand touches you can take fairly good pictures at night. Selfie cameras also average. Of course, to me, this budget seemed sufficient.

That is to say, you will fall in love with the photo by porting the Google Camera. However, in this case your phone warranty will be void and there may be a problem with the phone. Especially because of the set root your phone’s security will be low.


When it comes to gaming, almost all games are smoothed. I play GTA, Need for Speed, FIFA, DLS games. No heating issue was found in the set. However, many sets may have heating issues. I’ve customized Iceland with GreenFi to make it much more like me because of which RAM usage is low. That may be one of the reasons why this heating issue is not charged.


Let’s get back to the battery backup. As I said before, I read PDFs on mobile. So, it is a matter of time to read the PDF. Just reading the PDF I got a 16 hour battery backup. Besides, you can easily spend a day at regular use such as browsing the internet, listening to music, taking pictures.

This battery backup gave me satisfaction over a 5.99 inch display phone. And overnight (that is, if you do not use) a charge of 2%.

This was the Redmi note 5 ai review.





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