Today’s our post about Nikon D90 review. Nikon has been upgrading new digital SLR cameras like crazy in the past two years, after the low, high and end of the lineup after the update, but especially the mid-level SLR has been able to upgrade for more than 18 months with no one left. Although the Nikon D80 has a rich feature-set and maintains a high resale value throughout its term, it is due to an upgrade Although late to the party, the Nikon D90 arrived in a fashionable way, just as its predecessor did at the end of 2006.  It comes with some of the amazing features currently lack in the D-80.

With the 12.3-megapixel sensor, the Nikon D90 jumps to a more professional D300 resolution.


NIKON D90        

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New in the Nikon mid-range, the Live View feature offers some of the new strategies found in the mode, including the high-precision predecessors of the Nikon D90, especially Face Detection. Surprisingly, the Nikon D90A Live View mode only has three contrast detection modes: Face Priority, Wide Area and Normal Zone  As we have seen in consumer cameras, in Face Detection mode, a box surrounds the detected faces and follows them around the screen. The Nikon D90 is capable of tracking up to a maximum of five faces.


Nikon D90 review


Thanks to the Nikon D90’s matrix metering sensor of 420 pixels. Even with i-TTL flash control, face detection is effective.

The Nikon D90 includes 3D focus tracking found on the D300 and D3, and the Nikon D90’s 11 point detection DF system is equipped with a diamond type. Ever since looking directly at the SLRs, one question has become clear, “Why is there no movie mode here? Also, if you can paint a live picture outside the sensor, why can’t I record it? “

Nikon answered the first of these two questions, “Yes you can!” Nikon D90 movie movie as JPEG records in 24 seconds at 24 frames, which says “720p equivalent” resolution: 1280 x 720.

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