Lenovo tablet Recently Lenovo announced the launch of the new Foldable PC. A prototype ThinkPad, which is going to be a bigger version of the foldable phone, just missed a demo to see the great Lenovo. It is said that in 2020, the Think-pad X1 will come with foldable pc-in the market. And not just the accessory or secondary computer, it will be a full laptop-class device.

Lenovo tablet show off the worlds

Why is such a foldable device?

One of the reasons is the portability. Theoretically, most foldable phones will do the opposite work. Organizations like Samsung and Huawei want to increase the number of traditional phones into foldable phones. And folding ThinkPad’s ideas give a small shape to a computer full size.

What happened?

The new computer got 13.3-inch 4: 3 2K OLED display, which would be equal to a book of solid texture folding. It is not possible to say whether the weight is like books. However, the weight of Lenovo’s weight will be less than 2 pounds. That is, a lot like the big-sized Harry Potter novel book. It is enough as a portable device. But the shape is quite effective after folding.

At the moment, there is no scope for testing any functional prototype of the device. The most interesting part is that there are useful foldable PC compatible software and optimization tools.

Lenovo tablet show off the worlds

One of the testers said, after folding, the device’s shape looked more like optimistic.

If folded, the size of the laptop is much smaller than the normal laptop. Maybe the wear jacket does not tie the device in the pocket, but it will be good. It would be nice to take a hand in the fold, as if the book was taken by hand. Perhaps the device will bring E-book software to Lenovo.
The full battery is on the right side of the display. Therefore, do not worry about the balance of weight.


Lenovo tablet show off the worlds

The question comes with the technology used, but the details are not yet known. However, light molecules have been reported, as will Windows and Intel CPU. Apart from this, Lenovo 2 (although the battery is said to be capable of running the device), there is still no mention of RAM, battery life, etc.

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