Todays post Huawei Y6 pro review The top Chinese Smartphone brand Huawei Y6 Pro model smartphone has recently arrived in the country’s market. From the experience of one week, let’s see how successful it is to good-bad as a phone budget.


Huawei Y6 Pro first of all see the design of the smartphone hands. It’s a good idea to watch a phone at Huawei Y-6 Pro, which is a budget phone. It has a nicely designed display. At the top of the dance, there is a small notification light. Because the design is beautiful, nobody will understand that it is a low priced phone.

In the left corner of the phone there is a camera and a flash. Volume up-down and power button on the right. The card slot on the left. There are two SIMs and one microSD card together.

The top of the phone is 3.5 mm headphone jack. Micro USB port at the bottom. There is also a great sound available in the speaker.

The bottom part of the display will be a big basel with the logo of Huawei. If the basel was reduced a bit more then the whole display would have looked even more sensible. The review unit in our hand is Amber Brown, which looks like leather finishing.

In addition, the phone will be available in Midnight Black and Chiefer Blue colors. There is no Finger Unlock feature with fingerprint sensor. It is difficult to use light but it can be hard to use in light shades.


Huawei Y6 Pro has 6.09 inch IPS LCD display. Resolutions of 720×1560 pixels. Ratio 19.5: 9 and the display is 282 ppi density rich.

Many people watch more on the smartphone than the computer. For them, a good phone can be a budget like this. Due to large display, there will be no difficulty watching the video on the movie or on YouTube.

Playback video is small by default when watching videos on YouTube, by default. But zooming it can be increased. In that case, some parts of the video will be cut into dough. But the matter is tolerable. Many users do not like to dance.

For them, the display settings section of the phone has the advantage of hood nibble. There is also an eye conferencing option that does not damage the user’s eyes. Turning on the feature will reduce the light on the phone. The phone is quite good in viewing angle, it will not be difficult to watch videos in day or night.

Huawei Y6 Pro review


It used to be 12 nano-meter quadachos MediaTek MT 6761 processor. PowerVR GPU has to provide the game facility. The device comes in 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. 64 and 128 GB internal memory versions can also be found. You can use up to 512 GB of micro SD card.

While no app was running, it was found in 1.3 gigabytes of RAM in 3 gigabytes. According to Gigabyte, the device got 833 points at Singel core and 231 points at Multi-core.

There was no problem playing low graphics games. If you play a long game, it is normal to be lagged, so it has been seen. The game can be played in low graphics, but frames are dropping to play. High Graphics PUBG Game. In all, the performance of the medium budget phone is quite good.


The device is equipped with a F / 1.8 aperture 13-megapixel camera and LED flash, which allows 30 HD video to be recorded in FPS.

The camera has AI technology. The quality of the picture is good in the daylight, especially photos of light-shaded scenes can be easily taken using HDR. Colors and dynamic ranges are also good.

Indoor images do not get worse by the device. The front of the phone is F / 2.0 aperture’s 8 megapixel camera and flash. It is possible to get good selfie using it. Due to flash, there will be no problem in the darkness of the night.

Huawei Y6 pro review end here.


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