Simply put, when you are using xiaomi phone, you may have to install various apps or get other such notifications from time to time from default apps. Not just app notifications, but advertisements will be seen in many places from the App Installer screen to the Mui user interface. Even though you are disappointed with these advertisements, Xiaomi earns money from here. And for this reason they can call you at lower prices than other brands.

With the MiUI 10, Xiaomi has increased their advertising lot. So Xiaomi , on the other hand, gets a lot of fanfare, but Xiaomi has been caught by many subscribers or tech reviewers for dissatisfaction. No one likes unnecessary ads in the middle of the work. In other cases, advertising is also indecent and irreverent. If you are one of those who do not want to see this Xiaomi ad, then this article is for you.

Xiaomi has put the option of closing their advertisements (recrimination” in their language) in their mutuality. But there is no arrangement to stop it centrally. Rather you can stop advertising or review separately for individual apps or different sections. Here are the ways to find all the options for your convenience together. All the devices powered by the MiUI 10 can stop the advertisement in this process.

How to stop advertising on Xiaomi phone?

Follow the steps below to stop the add-on shown in different functions of Xiaomi phone.

Firstly, cancel the authorization of MSA App: MUI System Eds is a hidden app that displays advertisements in its user interface. You will first turn off the authorization of the msa app by going to Settings> Additional Settings> Authorization and Revocation option.
Stop Advertising Identifier: Go to Settings> Additional Settings> Privacy> User Experience Program option and close it by pressing the toggle button. Then it will not collect any other data usage of advertisements.


To install the installer or the scanner’s add-on, you install any one of the apps from Google Play or phone storage. On the Internet, you will see the virus of the app showing the ads on the scan screen. If you click the gear icon at the upper right corner and close the “Receive Recommendations” option, the ads will not show up here.

Installed App Resignation:

Go to Settings> Installed Apps and go to settings by clicking on the three dot menu icons above. Then turn off the convoy option.
Closing the app locker ad: Go to Settings> App Lock and enter settings by tapping the gear icon. Then turn off the “Recommendations” option.

To close the file manager’s ad: You need to go to File Manager and go to Settings> About and then close the Concession.  Close the ads of the security app: First of all enter the app and close “Receive Recommendations”. Then stop the concession in Settings> Cleaner and Settings> Boost Speed ​​in the same app.

Close the advertisements of m browser: Ads of this app are the most annoying. To turn it off, close the “Personalized Services” option by going to the Settings> Privacy & Security section of the app.
To stop the downloader’s ads: Go to the app and go to the Three Dot menu and close the “Show Recommended Content” option.
Then stop the conception from there.  Jump to the navigation menu of the music app. Go to the Navigation menu.

Then go to Settings> Advanced Settings and close “Receive Recommendations”.
Please advertise the “Online Recommendations” option from Account> Settings. You can also close the “Push Notifications” option.

Hope this post will be useful for you. If you know some more tips, or want to know something else, then the request to share the comment is requested.

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