How to start hosting business?  Every day the internet, web site is coming within the reach of people. And at the same time the rate of web site creation in Bangladesh is increasing. Demand for eCommerce and various news sites in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. From the news sites and eCommerce sites I have been working on in the past few months, I can understand where Bangladesh is now. In the near future no one will buy news papers. The news paper is fast approaching the museum. Various news sites occupy the niche of the news paper perfectly. Anyone sitting in travel or anywhere can take a hand tab or Persephone to catch the latest. The advantage of Extra on news sites is the universal news updates, so that readers will no longer have to read the old news of a day in a news paper.

 How to start hosting business

As well as occupying our market place online. There are now many sites that have come up and picked up where online products can be sorted and liked and ordered. And home delivery will come too. Even online shops have opened several sites.
Now the talk is to make these sites, but where to build? Do you want domain and hosting. Needless to say, web hosting business is also expanding with the development of technology in Bangladesh. At the same time, the advancement of the payment system has taken it a long way. For example, anyone can now make direct payments through development, mobile banking or various banks. Because of this, no one else has to depend on the complicated payment system dependent hosting sites from outside the country. And support ……?
Yes, we are now able to challenge the hosting services of many large companies from outside the country. I would say a lot better service. Improved server, money back guarantee and support from any local company can directly get support in any problem. At the same time, many companies, as well as outside countries, are targeting the service very well.
Many people asked me personally on Facebook or Skype, how to start a hosting business, how much money a minimum can cost. Today I will try to give some ideas on this topic.

 How to start hosting business

Hosting Business Start:

If you want to start a hosting business, you can start a business by buying a hosting reseller. By purchasing a reseller account you will get the benefit of creating a cPanel account from here. Extra will get some features from Normal Shared Hosting to Reseller Hosting Cpanel. If you own a reseller account, you will get an option called WHM on your cPanel. With which you will get the benefits of various package creations, new account creation and account management.
Now the talk is how much money a minimum can cost to start a business. It depends a lot on you. On your plan program. On how to get started. As I said before, you can start a business only if Minimum is a reseller account. In this case, different companies offer different prices for the reseller. For example, if one takes from our company, the lowest one is to buy 3 GB of hosting, whose price is 1 Bucks / Year. Then there is 1GB, 25GB …………

How to start hosting business

You can also buy larger packages if you wish. As you would like to sell the reseller yourself, in this case you must buy the master reseller. The price can come from 1 to 25/3 thousand taka. If you are the master reseller pack owner, you can create and sell different reseller packages and account creation with your WHM. If you want you can start your business with VPS or Dedicated Server.

A dedicated server is a single server, where you can work as you wish. Dedicated Server Depends on the various configuration of the server. Deployed on managed or unmanaged.

This is followed by VPS (Virtual Private Server). It is much like a dedicated server, but not dedicated. Many of you may have installed different OS on your PC with Virtual Box installed. Or run a virtual drive. You may not have a CD or DVD drive. Again there are various games or software, they are not installed on the pen drive without the CD / DVD drive and actually installed. The solution in this case was the virtual drive. It used to behave much like those

DVD drives with setup inside the computer. VPSO is basically like that. Different VPS setups have to be provided inside the dedicated server. If you buy a dedicated server, you can create Seller, Reseller, Master Reseller, VPS and sell from here. Once bought VPS, Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller can sell these. Or you can just host your own site for better performance. The price of VPS also depends on its configuration and what you will take with it. It’s a lot like when you buy a PC, you can arrange different purses like that. The price of single cupers. All in all, a PC. There is also a VPS or dedicated server all together.
Now let’s get to the inside of your plan program. If you want to do business with a hosting company, you must buy a separate domain for your company. In this case you will be charged Reseller Price + Domain Prize. Your company should have a site, where customers can find out about your company’s price, various benefits and so on. If you are a developer, you can create your own site. And if you can not create your own site, you should design a site with a good developer. In this case, the minimum cost can be anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand to 5 thousand.

In the first case you can do it directly for client management or account management using WHM. However, as the days go by, your customer numbers will continue to grow and client management will be a bit difficult. In this case you can use different billing software. Where ordinary clients can order your package to register. You will be able to manage various orders from your admin panel, send mail to clients, send all notices or offers by mail, suspend account or terminate.
There are two types of free and paid billing software available for online hosting account management. As in Free.

How to start hosting business

Box billing:

It is widely used for free. Its simple interface and client management system are excellent. However, the biggest problem is that using the free version of it will allow you to create package limitation. You can’t do more than 5 packages with it. Butt can be seen in many companies. In that case it is not so much a job. However, you can remove the limitation by using the premium version for only $ 5.

HostGator Reseller:

Account Lab Plus:

At Boxbilling you got a limit for creating packages. But Account Lab Plus will remove this limitation. With it you can create Unlimited Packages. As well as the convenience of using custom themes. You can integrate it with your site and use it.
You will also get some more free billing software when you do a Google search.
Premium Billing Software:

Whmcs are widely used in premium billing software. Its excellent client and admin interface make everything a lot easier. If you want to use it, you have to license it. The annual charge is $ 26.5. You have to renew it every year.


Hostbill is also very popular among the premiums. It also allows you to work like whmcs. Its interface, the system will impress everything. There are numerous templates and modules. With which you can customize your entire client area. If you do not want to create a separate site for your company, you can do it with the entire site. The advantage of Extra from WHMCS is that you will find numerous free modules and templates. Wherever you might have to buy and use those modules separately at WHMCS. Its one-time charge: $ 5. With which you can license it at one time.
This is the billing panel’s calculation for your client management. It has your marketing policies. How would you like to run a campaign for your company? Y You can advertise in Google AdSense.  So far today. I hope to discuss more in the future. If you have any questions, please comment.
You can join our Facebook group if you want. A long time ago, I created a group with different developers and planetaries. Where different providers will offer them and customers will choose their best offer.


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