How to speed up Windows 10? Windows 7 and XP are the best in decor and parts management, and the latest Windows 10 is a bit of heavy operating system. Those who have recently updated their Windows, they are probably experiencing some slow experience, especially those who are used with Windows 7. With many new settings being added, it can be possible to increase the speed of Windows 10 powered computers even in older parts.


Stop the Startup Program:

Some programs run automatically when the computer starts to use fast access. These are startup items. The use of many of these is very limited. So shutting down programs that are low-use from the startup list will cause the computer to regain some speed. The startup list can now be found in the Task Manager. To do this, select the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Start button or taskbar or pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc together with the keyboard and launch Task Manager. Now click on the Start-up tab above and select each program in the list and press the Disable button below each time.


Change advanced system settings:

Right-click on the Start menu and select the system. Click on Advanced System Settings from left to right and click on Advanced tab above. Now click on the settings button of the first performance section. Select the adjustment for best performance on the above Visual Effects tab. To check the eye on the screen, just tick the Smooth Age of Screen Fonts option from the list below.

Disable unnecessary apps:

After viewing Uninstall in the search box in the taskbar to view the list of installed software, click on the Change or remove a program option from the search list. Click here to select the programs that are not needed, click on the Uninstall button and delete them. And Windows has its own apps, which run unknowingly. To disable them, click on the Settings option from the Start button. From there select Privacy and click on the bottom background apps on the bottom left. Now turn off the apps that are on this list.

Clean Hard Disk:

Enter the Disk Cleanup and Enter button on the keyboard in the search box at the taskbar. Now select the system drive (C πŸ™‚ drive or OK while in it. Click the Clean Up System Files button below to tick the list above. Now select the system drive and click OK. Click OK again on the new list. Then delete all unnecessary old files by clicking on the Delete Files button. This will free up a lot of hard disk space.


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