How to report a lost debit card chase ?

The use of credit or debit cards in online transactions has increased in recent times. However, if you lose your card or if you have lost your card accidentally, you have to suffer. In the meantime, many people are worried about what to do. Let’s know if the credit or debit card is lost.

* As soon as the card is lost, the bank will be required to report it.
* There is a phone number that is open for all 24 hours of banking for emergency communication. After losing the card, phone the phone to stop all kinds of transactions.
* If you have internet banking, then check the balance. If there is any disorder then tell the bank authorities
* After informing the bank authorities, the information will be mailed to your email address, such as your account number, date of card loss, time of reporting to the concerned bank.
* Read the mail carefully. See the transaction, after the loss of the card, if the transaction is seen then quickly tell the bank authorities.

Get new cards
* If you lose card then go to the nearest police station and go to GD. The copy of the GD will be taken to the bank.
* Fill in the form with the right information when you receive a new card.
* You have to pay some charges according to the card type. You will be given a new card with PIN number in two weeks. Now you have ans How to report a lost debit card chase ?