Today’s post about 20 tips on online security. Internet usage is increasing day by day in our country. Similarly, cyber crime is increasing.

A little carelessness can cause harm. The cyber space of Bangladesh (CSB) has made 20 suggestions to stay safe on the Internet.

So let’s get started 20 tips on online security:

1. Change the Facebook / email password once per month.

2. Keep your login with Facebook and email. Use the recovery email.

3. Do not share and comment without verifying anything on Facebook. The shared post may be false or false.

4. Do not click on any link you know or give to a stranger. Clicking will delete your information.

5. Do not use free Wi-Fi in open space. It can be a trap.

6. Do not click on a stranger giving a link or download file to your mail. The download file may contain a virus.

7. Regularly update all PC software.

8. Use Paid Antivirus. like as Norton

9. Do not download any software from anywhere online. It may contain various malware.

10. Do not give pictures of children, women and family on social media. Because with this picture, criminals can blackmail you.

11. Put your mobile number, e-mail and date of birth on Facebook online.

12. Use different email and password on social media, email and job sites.

13. Beautiful, attractive pictures on social media, do not click when viewing apps.

14. Do not hand over your smartphone to different devices temporarily but to others.

15. E-commerce site or online shopping to see if the site is a trusted website. If not, you can be deceived.

16. Do not use free and pirate software. It is more likely to be infected.

17. Train your office staff, officers on cyber security.

18. Don’t buy old smartphones, different types of devices from wherever you are. The phone you purchased may have committed a criminal offense in the past.

19. Do not deal with strangers while trading dollars online on social media.

20. Do not be silent if you are a victim of cyber-crime. Get help from your family and the police. The less information you give online, the better for you.

No more today. 20 tips on online security article end here.