ASUS ROG GL704   Best gaming laptop 2019 has the new Nvidia GeForce RTX2 graphics and Intel’s 5th generation Core i5 processor. There is 1GB of bus speed with Didier-1 RAM, 12 NVME SSD and 1 Terabyte Fire Kid Hybrid Drive. The Hearty Display’s Rogi Strix Scar 2 Laptop is easily capable of running games at Triple A titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battle Field 3 or Witcher at a 5+ frame rate on Lagfree web. Let’s see what’s on the laptop.

R&G Strix Scar 2 – The GL3 GW Laptop with a 4.1-inch thin-bezel 5Hz refresh rate IPS display can be a gaming laptop, ideal for those who love larger laptops.

For whom is this laptop?

Best gaming laptop 2019 ASUS ROG GL704, The laptop is designed specifically for those who like to play first person shooting games. However, any game in the market can be played in triple A title games effortlessly.


RTX20 graphics for the new Nvidia GeForce

ASUS ROG GL704 has 4GB of new Nvidia GeForce RTX20 graphics, which can easily handle any graphics-intensive game. Strix Scar 2’s latest Nvidia GeForce RTX -R is a breakthrough technology in tracing technology, which adds a new dimension to the trendy in-game graphics. Turing Architecture’s new RT Core and Tensor Core provide great graphics performance. Almost all of the e-sports games in our tests provide sub-frame rates of 5, which is a must for professional players.


8th  generation Core i7 CPU

The R&G Strix Scar 2 – GL6GW laptop has a 5th generation Intel Core i5 – 6H six-core CPU, giving you 20% more performance than the previous generation. Intel’s Speed ​​Shift and Turbo Boost technologies expand the processor up to 5 GHz (four cores) and 3.5 GHz (six cores), respectively.

Intel is able to handle every task quickly and efficiently, with gaming, recording and live-streaming simultaneously expanding it into 12 threads with hyper-threading technology.

Core i7 processor uses 3nm ++ advanced technology to provide 6-core and 12-thread computing power. The third-generation Intel Core i7 processor will be able to play triple A title games completely lag free. The powerful Intel Core i7-9H not only provides more computing power for playing games, it also has the highest latency processor queue for streaming or rendering media as per the requirements of multi-core computing. The processor upgrade has upgraded the chip set to the HM3, which enables memory support for high-clock speeds of 5.2 MHz of DDR, with 5% higher performance than the previous generation DDR 5-27 MHz

In the Multi-Core CPU test, the Cinebench R15 showed up to 5 percent over the previous generation, 5 percent higher than the single-core test.

Ultra Narrow Bezel, 1 ml Second Response Rate, 1 Heart Refresh Rate

The new generation Scar 2 uses light bezels on the three sides of the display to give gamers the perfect gaming experience. With a high refresh rate of 3 Hz and 1 ml response time, FPS has made it remarkable for playing games. Another thing that sets it apart from other gaming laptops is its IPS panel. Which is capable of providing 5% S RGB.


Hyper Cool Pro Cooling Technology

Scar 2’s cooling mechanism has been improved to maintain its performance. The two 32 volt fans, the heat pipe and the all-3 tie fan ensure its long-lasting performance on the cooling system. Scar 2’s 12 volt-fans help to keep the whole system cool by increasing fan speed, 32.5% airflow and 12% air pressure compared to ordinary 5 volts. R&G users will be able to switch the fan to Turbo mode via the Fn + F5 or Armory Crate switching function, which will provide the highest power of high temperature control.

Best gaming laptop 2019


R&G Boost Range technology for the best WiFi experience

R&G Streaks produces 2% higher range using Scar 2 Range Boost technology, ensuring strong wireless connectivity.

Best gaming laptop 2019


Dual storage design:

A 32GB M.2 NVMe PCIe® 3.0 SSD for storage of all games and media files and a 1 terabyte SSHD for secondary storage is provided.So, Aroji Strix is definitely a great notebook for a faster work / file opening experience.

Best gaming laptop 2019


Hyper Strike Keyboard:

The Asus Aura RGB support keyboard transmits the wasd keys in a transparent way. Its travel distance is 8.5mm.


Gaming Laptop


The ROG is the most common interface on the left side of the laptop and the emergency interface on the right (such as a mouse to USB) on both sides, for convenient I / O connections. Further on the left side of the G-Strix Scar 2 is the DC In, RJ-45, MiniDP 1.4, HDMI 2.0B, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1, and 3.5mm headset / mic port; The SD card reader, USB 3.1 GN2 type C, and USB 3.1 GN2 port are on the right. HDMI output supports up to HDR on the fore at 60Hz and MDP output supports G-Sync monitors.

R&G Armory Crete
Asus R&G Laptop’s new addition to Armory Crete – which displays all the system information. The software can be used to save the gaming profile, from creating Aura RGB lighting profile to increasing or reducing the fan speed of the system.

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