Today’s post about  Apple IPhone 8 Plus review. After using the iPhone 8+ a week, I put my personal opinion down. This opinion may not match anyone else’s.

I usually focus on a few important things, such as design and build quality, hardware performance, battery life, camera, display, sound, and a few other features. Let’s get started.


                                            APPLE iPHONE 8 PLUS

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IPhone 8 Plus Design
If you are a regular user of the iPhone, you may notice that there is no difference between the design of the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 7 Plus. In the same series, Apple has brought the iPhone 8 Plus with the same design. If you want a major change in design, its design will disappoint you, but as a classic design, the iPhone 5+’s design is my favorite. Another thing is that the iPhone Seven Plus and Eight Plus are exactly the same design, but there is a slight change in size. Below is the size of iPhone Seven Plus and Eight Plus.


IPhone Seven Plus: Length 158.2 mm, width 77.9 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, weight 188 grams.

IPhone 8 Plus: Length 158.4 mm, width 78.1 mm, thickness 7.5 mm, weight 202 grams.



IPhone 8 Plus review


The display of the iPhone Eight Plus is the same as the iPhone Seven Plus, with LCD 5.5 inches and 1080 by 1920 pixels. But new additions to the iPhone Eight Plus include True-Tone technology, which will change the display light based on your surroundings. This is a great feature that I like.

Build Quality
There is nothing new about the build quality of the iPhone as the world’s first phone, but it is worth talking about the build quality in the interest of writing. The iPhone 8 Plus uses front and back glass on both sides, and its structure is made of aluminum. The glass on both sides looks more attractive because of the use. Personally, I like it. Another good news is that there is no fear of scratches or fungus on the back due to the use of glass on both sides. Fungus is the name of a terror to iPhone users. The iPhone Eight / Eight + doesn’t have much of this panic.

But there is more happiness in the words do not fall on the forehead; With the use of glass on both sides of the iPhone 5 Plus, it is very likely that the front or back glass will burst when it falls into a tight place.

In that case, a large amount of money will have to be paid for servicing. What’s more terrifying is that, according to Apple, it will cost more money to repair back glass than front glass. So it is wise to buy a cover from a strong brand.

Hardware performance:
The iPhone 8 Plus uses the A11 Bionic chipset with 3GB of RAM, which is the fastest chip ever made on the iPhone. This chip has 6 cores, of which 4 cores (A10 fusion chip used on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), 70 percent more than that and 2 cores are 25 percent faster. Below we will find out a comparative information from Gichbench about how fast that A5 Bionic chip actually works.


The chart shows that the iPhone 8 Plus has a multi-core score of 10,472. This score is much higher than Samsung Galaxy Note 8, One-plus Five, and all other flagship phones. And it turns out that this score is much faster than my Mac Book Pro’s chip. I really do not know what to do with a smartphone with such a high speed!



Behind the iPhone Eight Plus is a 12-megapixel dual camera lens and a 7-megapixel selfie camera at the front. The iPhone Eight Plus uses a better camera than the iPhone Seven Plus. Improved because it has large, fast sensors and sophisticated image processing power.

The back camera allows you to take portraits in portrait mode, which simultaneously captures the background opaque and facial image shining and vibrant. Here is a sample image.

The iPhone 8 Plus has added new lighting effects to the camera, such as studio lights, stage lights, etc. which allow you to take excellent pictures of yourself. It will introduce you to the great photography experience.

With the optical image zoom feature of the phone you can take ten times more distant pictures and the picture quality is good enough. There are also slow-sync flushes, which take longer time to take a picture, then flush the object, making it more clear.

The selfie camera of the iPhone 8+ can also take good quality pictures, and it does not rub any flour in your face, making it a perfectly natural picture. (By the way, didn’t you get frustrated?)

 IPhone 8 Plus review

The iPhone can’t take better pictures in low light, which usually disappointed me here, but compared to the previous models, the iPhone Eight Plus comes with better lighting than before. Hopefully Apple will do more with it. And if you don’t have the habit of taking pictures or videos in the dark or in the low light, then no problem.

In the light of day, the iPhone Eight Plus can take incredibly good pictures, like a new photo-taking experience with the phone. Personally, I am very happy with the camera performance.


The video quality of the iPhone 8 Plus is also great, with the newly added 4K video at 60 fps (frame per second). Which means that the quality of video taken with ordinary HD camera phones will be much higher than the quality of video taken on the iPhone Eight Plus.

 IPhone 8 Plus review



Apple itself designed the GPU of the iPhone 8 Plus, according to their data, it is 30% faster than the previous GPU, it uses 3 cores. And so the graphics processing is faster than ever and the high definition game goes more smoothly.

Battery life

IPhone users are more likely to complain about battery life, which Apple has pushed into the iPhone Seven. The powerful 2691 mAh battery on the iPhone Eight gives me the opportunity to use long haul backups and uninterrupted charging.

I can use pretty well over 9 hours with almost all the features of the phone on one charge (WiFi, GPS, others). It had a maximum standby time of like 60 hours, which would be more.

That means I get a little more backup of 2 days using Medium, and it’s more than my previous iPhone Seven Plus, because the A11 Bionic chip costs far less power than all other iPhone chips. So I’m very pleased with the battery backup.


The iPhone Eight Plus has stereo speakers, which can sound 25% louder than the iPhone Seven. The sound is absolutely perfect. Beige also gives a very good sound. Because the sound is good, I love listening to the volume with more volume.

Other features of the iPhone 8 Plus include:

Bluetooth 5 Version – This means that Bluetooth will work in more ranges than ever before.

Wireless Charging – Qi technology is available for charging this phone without charger. Apple offers a simple wired charger with the phone. The wireless charger is a separate buy.

Fast Charge Supported – In order to avail this facility, however, an additional fast charger will have to be purchased, then a 50% charge will be made in just 30 minutes. Not great

Water and Dust Resistant – iPhone 8 Plus Plus Certified Water and Dust Resistant. That means it can stay under 5 meters of water for 5 minutes without any damage. I have not tested this feature yet.

This is a small review on my IPhone 8 Plus, if you have a Xiaomi or OnePlus phone, or wish to upgrade from an older iPhone model and have a budget, then of course you can buy an iPhone Eight Plus today. And you can sell the previous phone, or give it to someone as a gift, he or she will be happy to get a phone, and you will also be happy to own an iPhone Eight Plus ????

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