Four Important amazing computer tricks that will save you time:

I have created this article with a simple way to make things easier which will save you a lot of time and labor. So let’s get started.

1. Find any word by pressing Ctrl + F (use Ctrl + F to search)

Finding certain words or sentences from several pages long word files, PDFs or web pages is a difficult task. Press Ctrl + F on the keyboard, a search box will open in front of you. Where you can easily find a long word file, pdf or web page by typing the desired word or sentence.


2. Scroll down the web page by pressing the space bar (scroll faster using the space bar).

Browsing a web page by pressing the mouse wheel, cursor, keyboard down key, etc. is a very time consuming and difficult task, especially if the page is too long. Press the space bar on the keyboard to scroll through it faster. Press Shift + Spacebar to move to the top of the page.


3. Frequent user names and passwords are free from the problem

Many use multiple Facebook IDs, email addresses. And there are several required websites to open the ID. It is difficult to remember so many user names and passwords and every time on every website it is wasted a lot of time. In this case, you can use the password manager which will keep your username and password safe as well as avoid the hassle of typing it again and again. There are many more secure password managers, including LastPass, that you can get by doing a little Google.

4. Find the article you want from the web site easily

Long ago I read an article on a website that you need today. But thousands of articles are dying to find it out of the crowd. I’ll tell you what to do. Type in the search box  site: (Enter the name of your desired website here) Computer (Enter the name of the article you want to find here).

Google will appear in front of you all the content on that web site.

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